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Milk Chocolate Doukissa 150gr (No added Sugar)

Milk Chocolate Doukissa 150gr (No added Sugar)

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Constantinides has created a series of No added Sugar, Vegan and No Flour desserts for everyone wishing for a healthier lifestyle. One can choose amongst the wide range of flavours, textures and sizes to satisfy a Cheat Day without that much guilt.

This Vegan Doukissa is made for the people who are in love with Dark Chocolate, as well as, cleaner eating. The recipe does not contain any sugar now any animal product but its still sweet and the texture is soft and crunchy.


Sugarfree Digestive Biscuits (Flour), Butter (Milk), Eggs, Dark Maltitol Chocolate, Milk Maltitol Chocolate (Milk), Sweeteners (Erythritol, Isomalt), Vanilla.

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