Our Story

More than twenty-five years ago, our parents, and now grandparents, Panicos and Loukia had the idea of opening a bakery in a small area in the capital called Latsia. It started as a traditional bakery, producing high-quality Cypriot Bread, fresh Frantzolakia (Bread buns), Tahinopita (Tahini Pie), Tyropita (Cheese Pie), and other traditional baked goods.


Locals grew to love our freshly made products, making our small family business flourish. The Constantinides family strongly supported all the local organizations including schools, the municipality, charities, and families in need. It was a way for us to give back, for all the love and support we were receiving, and to this day we do the best we can to support the ones in need.

Today, Constantinides Bakery has evolved greatly! We pride ourselves on new, fresh, and innovative products, that keep up with modern life’s needs, for a healthy living.


No added Sugar | No Flour | Vegan | High Protein | are some of the new words we added in our cooking and baking vocabulary.

Together, we are now moving into the future with more consciousness on what we are putting inside our bodies. Τhat’s why we created a new Healthier Concept with a great range of products while keeping our traditional values and our passion for excellence intact.


Thank you for your support throughout all these years.You are our driving force. You are giving us the strength that is required, for a small family-owned business in Latsia to keep moving forward, setting new goals, and trying our best to satisfy everyone's needs and hope for a healthier overall living. 


/ The Healthier Bakery Team